A collaborative new branding for Haigo

On my first days in the agency, I wasn't very satisfied with the branding. I started to discuss about that and ask for an audit. I interviewed each employee to understand the internal culture and the way they used the brand asset. They were satisfied with the main elements but I figured out that they wanted a magic twist, something unique...

My role
Brand designer

With patrick Maruejouls

September 2018

Made @ Haigo.fr



I gathered and compared a maximum of brand assets and internal documents, I wrote an interview protocol, I created an online survey in order to fully understand all the problems with the branding. From that point, we were able to identify the elements we should keep and the others that have to be reimagined. I also determined the brand culture and key messages.

The concept

I purposed several concepts. I focused my efforts on 2 ideas : firstly, I wanted a craftable and collaborative identity, something  that everybody within the agency could create and manipulate. Secondly, it sould be something tangible, that we could use for a workshop, an event... As people where using a lot of stickers (for vote sessions especially),I ended up with the idea of an identity based on stickers.


A collaborative identity

I tried to imagine how to use the stickers, to imagine a visual language with only colors dots. But it was too complicated and too conceptual. So I decided to add small illustrations in colors dots. It would be a collection of simple icons and strong key messages. At Haigo people loves to get a result quickly. As I haven't so much time for the rebranding I animated a "doodling" workshop. In one hour, we got a +300 doodles library !

A new branding

I scanned all the doodles and created a library of stickers and I simplified the brand visual language (compatible colors, typography scale, logo usage...) The identity has been declined on many supports such as Powerpoint, letter paper, envelop and marketing product.

Sticker design thinking tool mvp yes noSticker design thinking tool mvp yes no