A new software for car dealerships.

Groupe Argus get in touch with my agency, nealite to reinvent the experience of car dealerships. The team was composed of several services designers, UX designers from nealite and salesman, IT & project managers from l'Argus. Our team went on the field to get insights from dealers and clients - more than 30 interviews and 10 visits in car dealerships. They identified over 10 majors needs and started to sketch solutions. I worked with the team to imagine a POC to convince an huge company to invest in the project. 

My roles
Creative manager, Art director and UI Design

Maureen Rodaro, Caroline Thomas, Clément Bretin, Greg Wolf, Julien Jouan, Carine Charles, Rémy Saddour

From August 2014 to Mid 2015

Software : Planet VO
Company : Groupe Argus
Agency : Nealite


The interface

To imagine the look and feel, I work in full collaboration with our UX team and people from l‘Argus. It was a big challenge since the software was composed of many dashboards, databases, reportings and even a catalog of cars that could be shown to the final client. 


A Design System

We build a complete UI Kit in a single file, it gather all the elements of the interface. Like Lego pieces, it helps the UX UI team to create quick mockup of pages. It is also very useful for developers since they can find all the UI elements with all states in one place. It also help to get a representation of the whole product.


From a POC to a real product

We build an important presentation stand inside the L'Argus's office to show our work. By displaying ours key insights and our product, we successfully convince the direction to launch the project. Our team worked in a dedicated war room during several month to develop the full product based on the POC. I met the IT Team and supervised the first steps of this huge project.

A new branding

We worked hard to make the interface functional, clean and simple. But the former branding of the software was out-of-date and needed a refresh. So, we purpose to the board of directors a new branding for the software.