An identity for people who love sketching.

In 2015, the agency turns 10 years old. Since its day one, the agency has enlarged its activities from UX Design to User testing, Service and Space design. But the identity has always remains the same and has never been thinked. So, we explore many creatives ideas with my collegues and we purposed the result to our direction. 

My roles
Art director, UX and UI Design, Copy writer

With Marie Vacher, Anaïs Ebrard and Clément Bretin

September 2015, 1 month of work

Made with love in my agency named nealite.


The idea

As a Design Thinking company, people are use to draw. For them, sketching and doodling is powerful tool. For any workshop, you can be sure that their war room will be full of drawings. As I was working on this branding, it became obvious that doodles will became the center of the reflexion.

The concept

At this time, I was learning hand lettering. I bought chinese ink and many brushes and pencils. I bring these tools to the office and start doodling in a very simple way. I use the office‘s Xerox and scan all my doodle and start having fun with it. By combining a heavy typography, a very positive blue and my doodle I found a powerful balance. 


Doodle for all

I get feedbacks from my collegues and the direction, and as everybody was very positive and excited, I started to imagine the whole branding and copy writing. The most powerful side of this branding was its accessibility. Anybody in the agency could create new doodles and add it to our library. You just had to catch a A4 blank page, draw with the ink and the brush and scan the work with the Xerox. I draw the first doodles, but in a few weeks, the folder was full-filled by the whole company !


Creating the branding

The identity has been declined on many supports such as Powerpoint, letter paper, envelop and marketing product. We also create a new version of our website - which has never been develop due to PwC acquisition.