A new branding for a major fooding startup.

Foodchéri is a French startup in Paris, created in 2015. It serves over 1,000 meals per day to professionals and families in Paris and its suburbs. Foodchéri deliver fresh and tasty home-cooked meals at your door. It is very different from Deliveroo or Takeiteasy since meals are cooked by a chef in the morning, then delivered by bike messengers. Since all meals are delivered cold, it takes less than 20 minutes between the online order and the reception. 

This is my proposal. Please note that I supervised 2 others proposals with Marie Vacher and Clément Bretin. This one has been rejected.

My roles
Creative director, art director, copy writer

With Marie Vacher, Clément Bretin and Greg Wolf

September 2015
2 weeks for the proposal

Client : Foodchéri
Agency : Nealite (Proposal)


We ordered meals at home from Foodchéri and others companies to test the experience : services, apps, websites, packagings, communication... We also invited the founder in our office, so everybody from the agency could give a feedback about the food and the service.

The idea

By looking for beautiful photography for the food industry : cooking, eating, delivering... I noticed a recurrent pattern... A circular gesture, a movement. Making the pastry, biking, stiring, setting the oven, whipping the egg whites, stirring the soup... I decided to use this gesture as a symbol, as a logo.


A modern canteen

The brief was clear : "we want to be the new canteen for Parisien workers. But a modern one, not the traditional and old fashioned canteen“. I started looking for fresh and contemporain kitchens and for any element relative to "french bistrot" (in France, bistrots were the common place where every workers was eating everyday). In France, the red Vichy is a symbol of bistrots. So, I made a new and fresh version of the traditional Vichy, using blue and handmade pattern.


The brand

I combined the "gesture logo", colors and typography to create a clear and readable logo. The idea was that gesture logo could be rotated in any direction to reminds the circular gesture. It could also be used as a loader in the app.


A friendly attitude

I animated a workshop to define the brand personality. We constructed a character, inspired by Gérard Depardieu, Massimo Bottura and Jean-Pierre Coffe. These personalities are well known for their honesty, kindness and straight talk, and we wanted our brand to talk like them. I chose an "as we speak" ton of voice, always starting with onomatopoeias or interjections.


A desirable stationery

I imagined a set of stationery using the blue "Vichy" as a brand symbol : napkins, hand bags and for the food packaging. I really loved the way it contrast with food on a table. I wanted it to be very unique and very recognisable, even on a messy table.